Fear and Loathing in the Nentir Vale

Sessions 2-3 of new campaign
In the thick of it

Starday 2nd Harvester, 102 years since the fall of the Nerathi Empire

The party decided after observations of the goings on in the rest of the ruins of the village to investigate the old wizard’s tower. On the way, they encountered their old friends, Wild Roses and their new roadie Strongheart the Pure a brief combat ensued, which said roadie came up on the unfortunate end of, and the rest of the rivals were teleported away, Lambda realizing that their teleportation happened via an exterior source. Investigating the tower brought the group in conflict with a pair of gargoyles and some sort of flesh golem which were quickly dispatched. They chose to rest and investigate the second floor of the tower under full strength.

Session one of new campaign
Into the abbey

Starday, 1st Harvester 102 years since the fall of the Nerathi Empire

Having lost 2 members and gained a former enemy as a companion, the party found itself drawn to the ruins of Gardmore Abbey for a variety of reasons:

Lambda: Her research, along with the appearance of 2 cards from the Deck of Many Things caused a desire to seek out the Deck’s last known location. Certain divination rituals undergone with the help of the Mages of Saruun are troubling in their implications, not to mention maddeningly vague in their information. She also has learned that in the village outside the Abbey is a structure which once served as a wizards’ tower.

Callie: Treasure, fortune, glory. Spyder wants her to obtain the deck for him. Callie was into the deck before being into the deck was cool, so there might be a fun conversation.

Reijah: Ser Keegan wishes to complete a ritual of cleansing on the abbey to restore a connection to Bahamut. In addition, she wishes to gauge the strength and number of any inhabitants of the surrounding area.

Kalarel: REVENGE!!! The Raven Queen, Mistress of Winter and Guardian of Eternal Sleep has in Her infinite wisdom allowed Her newest and most humble servent to know that this path will lead him toward his ultimate goal.

After a relatively minor encounter with orcs, the party, under the guidance of Ser Keegam followed a secret stair to an ancient monestary. Inside, 2 harpies as well as an Angel had been driven mad due to the presence of another card from the Deck. Having dealt with this, the party now has a total of 3 cards.

Ser Keegan realized that the ritual cannot be completed without several sacred items:

The Chalice of the Dragon
The Brazier of Silver Fire
The Bowl of Io’s Blood
The Mirror of Many Facets.

Session 8
Might and Magic

Starday, First Day of Richfest, 102 years since the fall of Nerath, continued

Battered, but intact the heroes pressed on, encountering a room filled with goblin fanatics. A particularly on her toes Lambda reacted by unleashing arcane fire into their midst. The minions reacted in an unexpected manner in that they all didn’t immediately char and die, but instead swarmed the source of the fire, (Lambda as you may recall) and brutally assaulted her before dying, knocking her to within inches of death. Or relatively so, as this group’s secondary function is the equivilent of a well-staffed trauma center, so she was on her feet again in no time. Maybe it was the near-death trauma, maybe it was the separation from her dragon companion, maybe another circumstance beyond the ken of these adventurers, but whatever the cause, Lambda acted almost as if possessed, unleashing a spell assault the likes of which the party had not thought her capable of, incinerating a pair of goblin wizards, scorching the goblin underchief with great force and darting in and out of trouble like a well-oiled eladrin machine. The bards will sing songs of her skills, which will be remixed by Shara and the inn patrons from Winterhaven to Hammerfast will demand encores. Seriously, you should have seen it.

Through both her efforts, (Have I mentioned how awesome she was, because boy howdy, that was some spell castin’) and those of the rest of the party, all but the goblin chief were dispatched, though the chief himself’s defeat will be no easy feat…

Session 7
Finally, The Keep

Moonday, Third Day of Richfest, 102 years since the fall of Nerath
Slabs of burlap covering pits make for crude traps, but overly ambitious rangers still fall right in them and get covered by rats every now and then. Conversely, rats blow up nicely when exposed to concentrated lightning. Reijah’s first combat with her new group went well for them, as a group of goblins in the area under the keep’s ruins were easily dispatched. The goblin area had a curious interior decorator who had painted motivational sayings along the walls, including the following:

The Whispering in my head – will it ever end?
• Traitors! They are all traitors to the Blood Lord!!
• Blood. All the Blood. It is all for thee my Lord!
• The little girl, who was she? Her blood tasted like
copper, but O so sweet. Master, who was she?

Moving on from one kind of disturbing to another, the heroes’ explorations led them to a torture chamber/cell with two hobgoblin torturers and a slew of various other minions, alive and otherwise. One magic using goblin managed to escape via teleport circle and avoided joining his comrades in death.

Session 6
Bigger Party Bigger Problems
Starday, First Day of Richfest, 102 years since the fall of Nerath

Following the dispatching of Irontooth, the heroes learned from Pun Pun that he had successfully unified the kobold tribes in the area surrounding Kiris Dahn and wished to consolidate the remaining ones in the area under the banner of the heroes. He took his troops on a scouting mission to investigate the status of the local kobold leader who would need to be dealt with before this could be achieved. Zahlia discovered more book fragments among the dead goblin’s possessions, eventually realizing that they were from yet another evil tome, the Book of Vile Darkness. She was unable to determine much more than the name of the book and the unnerving identity of its author, Vecna who wrote it thousands of years ago when still mortal.)
Upon the heroes’ return to Winterhaven, they discovered that Callie’s extracurricular shopping excursion had not gone unnoticed by the powers that be in the region and she was tossed into a jail sell byReijah on the orders of the militia leader Caridea Kellion. In an adjacent cell, the caravan member rescued by the party days ago, (who I did name and then promptly forgot, so he and all people that this happens to shall be known as Slygathor,) was a complete mess by nearly all definitions of the word. He had ritually scarred himself and his babbling and chanting had only gotten more unnerving.

Sunday, Second Day of Richfest, 102 years since the fall of Nerath Frontier justice being the order of the day, a trial was hastily assembled, with Caridea showing that here on the borderlands, we don’t need no stinkin’ separation of powers by acting as judge and jury. But luckily for the good guys, no matter what the era or genre, having ties to organized crime can really help you out in a trial, as was shown with the arrival of Jasmine Glimmergaunt, noted Fallcrest Escort and occasional Law Student. Even her skills looked as if they would not be enough, but luckily the question became moot when Valthrun arrived and loudly pointed out he was not pressing charges.

This dealt with, Caridea spoke in confidence over drinks with the heroes, and mentioned that show trials like this were becoming more and more necessary to placate the populace who were beginning to show strain at the increasing nastiness of the recent goings on. Meanwhile, Lambda made her case for never being allowed to go shopping alone ever again, but in the process of doing so, came in contact with Delphina Moongem and her flower selling business. Eventually, the party was collectively able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with, “Hey, those flowers are native to another plane of existence and I think that one ate a rat. Where did you say you got these?” She also learned that she’d been selling them to Bairwin who had been buying them in increasing numbers. Not to be left out of the missing out on pertinent details, the rest of the party remembered that Bairwin had a shop in town that they’d been meaning to investigate, which they proceeded to do that evening. Zahlia’s arrival in town coincided with the escape of Slygathore, at which point something occurred which she was not entirely able to understand. Somehow the two of them were transported to the interior of an Ioun Stone where reality worked by different rules. She was able to heal the man spiritually who thanked her with his dying words.

Inside the basement of the shop, they found Bairwin who had been crucified and ritually scarred. Also there was a cauldron with a brew concocted in part from the very flowers in question and an hourglass which appeared to be counting down to 2 days from then (4th Richfest, aka Midsummer’s Day) The Heroes decided to make for [[ Shadowfell Keep but were attacked by a Green Dragon, the apparent local leader of the kobolds that Pun Pun and his crew went to investigate. The party decided to rest and recuperate for a night and head for the Keep early the following morning.
Session 5
Things get worse
Previously on Fear and Loathing

The “sacrifice victim” survived the events of the last game, introducing herself as Evilyn, sister to a bar maid in Winterhaven, named Robyn, (I may have accasionally called her Randy. Randy’s her stage name, OK? Jeez.) who was the mother of the baby. Which turned out to be a big pack of lies, as she revealed her true nature and attacked the party, as did the baby, which turned out to actually be some sort of demonic abomination. Evilyn appears to have necromatic abilities, as the Content Not Found: zahlia_ quick actions saved Lambda from serious injury or worse, stepping in to take the blow meant for her. The battle was long, but the heroes managed to drive the woman off with the assistance of the arrival of both _Content Not Found: shara sporting an awesome new look without bangs and her trusty panther companion. The victory was not without cost, as she filched the Slaying Stone, and appeared ready to obliterate the party but the unexpected arrival of Ninaren and his even more unexpected attacking of the evil woman, quite possibly saved their lives.

The heroes then immediately forgot about his presence and went to the bar.

Inside Wrafton’s Inn the heroes encountered the aformentioned waitress/singer in the LA Dwarves who they determined has never been pregnant and has only one family member, (an elderly mother,)

Ninaren revealed that he’s been investigating the events of the area in secret for some time now.

Valthrun informed Content Not Found: zahlia that the book fragments they had in their possession were copies from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv and the language of said book is not behaving like it should.

Lambda performed a ritual to locate the lost Slaying Stone and underwent some sort of attack during it. They learned that there were not one but two stones in the area. They went to the location closest and found Irontooth and several followers. Irontooth appeared to have some sort of Demonic power source which manifested upon being injured to a certain degree.

The herores were assisted by the arrival of Pun Pun and a group of kobolds and iron guardians which appreaed about to turn the tide, though not soon enough to prevent the death of Ninaren when Kalarel appeared with a demonic servent, killed Irontooth, and left with the stone. But not before mocking the skills of the party.

Session 4
Where everything goes Cosmic

Shit done blowed up.

The PCs went their separate ways in Fallcrest, pursuing personal goals which wound up having bizarre relation to each other’s as if their lives were in some way controlled by fate or a desire for narrative convenience.

Callie met with an old compatriot, Jasmine Glimmergaunt who in addition to being really cute knows a fair amount about magic items and the identification thereof. Our favorite halfling’s new dagger is powered by the forces of shadow, which adds accuracy and speed. Which is a good thing, considering that after she left with her newly identified weapon, some sort of cosmic breach occurred in the sky, seemingly originating about 100 miles away but near enough to exert its influence upon the city, and of more immediate concern to Callie, created or summoned a horde of the walking dead who apparently were fans of a temple cleric of Ioun named Kalarel.

Reticence had a less than pleasant interaction with Ninaren in which she became suspicious of his motives. The conversation actually appeared to have violence as a possible outcome until the arrival and assistance of Spyder and his crew. The suspicion of the motives of the elf ranger was increased when she spotted him talking to Bairwin These things took a backseat to the horde of zombies that appeared suddenly, which she and Callie were able to eventually fight off.

Zahlia and Lambda got an accidental crash course in the perils of reading the wrong incantation at the same time, in this case probably (though they didn’t really research it completely to find out for certain) summoning a demon and causing the aformentioned walking dead problem. A fire broke out during the fighting, but luckily through skillful heroism, the two were able to save the very books that caused the problem (allegedly) and I’m sure no innocent townsfolk were maimed or killed. The city guard was less than sympathetic to the idea of preserving ancient texts of the macabre for future adventurers to find and cause things to explode, instead deciding to arrest them for a variety of charges.

The party now reunited, besides Shara (Nova summoning the other two to the heckle stands in the courtroom, presided over by Faren Markelhay who was in no mood for this sort of thing and was no dummy, so he sent the adventurers off to find the source of whatever the hell was causing this sort of thing. Since a very acceptable alternate explanation was “The party,” they agreed to this. Callie also receiving incentive to do so from Spyder.

Along the way to Winterhaven, the party came across a grisly and familiar scene (Especially to those who have seen the Firefly episode which the DM stole it from) in which another caravan had been attacked, this time with bodies stripped and hung from the ceiling, with one survivor who was not what we would call, in his right mind.

An awesome night of drinking ensued. Also, the characters went to a tavern, met a few locals and travelled out to the archaological dig, getting there just in time to see the ending of a ritual (by the way, did anyone remember the woman they were sacrificing? I hope you didn’t accidentaly set her on fire) which produced a slew more undead, the most aweswome of which was the skeleton of the dragon which animaged and kicked ass. But not as much as the party, as more damage than I’ve seen dished out at once brought another victory to our group of Battle Chix. (I’m calling you this until you come up with something better.)

Session 3
New friends, new unknowns

After a fitful sleep, morning came to the Nentir Vale and the party found itself with a new companion, as Lambda’s increased skill in manipulating arcane forces had allowed her to share a part of her soul with a Dragonling. Lambda excitedly named her Nova, which didn’t seem to bother her all that much. In fact, she since has been overheard to remark that Lambda didn’t so much as name her, as pick the proper name which already existed. (Nova says a lot of things) The expected party bickering over this new arrival was cut short, as Shara, accompanied by a panther and demanding to know who these intruders to her realm were. Well, the PC’s weren’t created a month ago; they’ve been around. So they realized that she was bluffing her position a bit, but this was ultimately overcome with little drama. It turned out that Content Not Found: shara Thus did join The Party That Really Needs a Name.

Then more stuff happened that I will write about tomorrow.

(And by tomorrow I guess I mean days later…

Anyway, the group encountered a group of kobolds in the act of attacking a trade caravan apparently from Winterhaven. Quick action and good teamwork won the day, netting the group one magical dagger (claimed by Callie and one merchant, Bairwin hiding in the woods. Said merchant was not the most personable of humans, and was particularly irritable towards Lambda The group agreed to escort him to Fallcrest, and arrived after nightfall.

Experience and treasure:

475 xp for kobold encounter

40 gold pieces and one magical dagger.

95 experience each.

Party has a total of 320 gold in addition to each having 75 in personal cash.

Session 2

Having dealt with the goblin occupation of the library, Lambda got to work casting the ritual to locate The Slaying Stone while Callie climbed to the highest point of the structure to do some reconnaissance, discovering that a large amount of orcs had entered the city. The ritual was inconclusive, only providing a vague sense that the party should travel to the east, which they did, sneaking into a seemingly abandoned building, where they encountered Krayd the Butcher who they were able to defeat with great effort. Following this, the party encountered a group of kobolds who approached under a flag of truce and offered to assist them in getting to meat their “boss” by creating a distraction involving iron guardians. The distraction was successful and the party was able to meet with their boss, who turned out to be Tyrysta, Brass Dragon, from whom they were able to acquire The Slaying Stone.

The party nearly met defeat at the hands of a group of orcs who ambushed them on the way out of the town, but were assisted by the activation of The Slaying Stone which caused massive devestation to Kiris Dahn and many of its occupants. The party fled into the woods and made camp, where we will begin the next session.

Experience and treasure totals for the session:

Krayd the Butcher:
500 xp
180 gp

Dragon Lair:

300 xp
Slaying Stone

Escape from town: 850 xp

Total: 1650 experience points

412 experience each

Bonus award of 200 experience points for everyone for good roleplaying and plot advancement.

Everyone’s total is 1030 and has advanced to level 2.

Session One
The Slaying Stone Part One 11/25/11

This is a placeholder where I keep track of XP and treasure.


Opening Scene- 550 xp

Sneaking into town 100 xp

Unearthed Pets 425 xp

Monsters and Manuels 600 xp

Total: 1675 xp

418 each


90 gp.

Cloak of Resistance +1

Holy Symbol of Hope (Ioun)


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